The day before...

Some of you might be thinking, 'the day before what?' Is this another article about the return of the Lord and a prophecy. I thought we went through this in 1988? 

This post is not about that foretelling. 

Last winter the university I work for (North Central University) had an annual call for essays to be written about our interest in a free trip to Israel. The generosity of a friend of the university sends two students and a professor to Israel each year. Since I have never won anything (not from a bottle top, a fair, or even an amusement park) it was kind of a game to simply write some objectives and send it in just to see who else would be going.  

A few months later I was sitting in awards chapel and someone nudged me and said, 'you won'. I was like, 'what?' My friend told me that I had just been awarded the Israel trip and I was to go up to the platform and get the certificate. To be honest, my memory jogged back to the day some friends and I were sitting in a chapel at Evangel University back in the early 80's. A student friend of ours was napping in the chapel and we awakened him to tell him that he was wanted up on the platform. He slowly got up and started walking to the platform before he realized he was being duped, and then turned and sat down.

Anyway, here I am at home on the day before I leave for Israel. Classes finished two weeks ago at NCU, my oldest son graduated from college, I just taught two summer classes from 8-5 daily the last two weeks, and I am at home prepping for the trip. And I have two questions.

First, will I go insane flying 17 hours straight in a plane? I pity the people who will be seated next to me. 

And second, how will I be changed from this trip? 

What will happen when I see Bethlehem and the birthplace of Christ? Or, what will I do when I walk the Via Dolorosa on the way to the cross at Golgotha? Not to mention all of the sites in between these two places. The places where my faith begin and began again. So, if you would like to follow my reactions and thought, I will be blogging each night live from Israel. Since I will be 8 hours in front of you in the US, you will be able to read my daily highlights shortly after I have written them.

So, the day before, I must begin to pack. More to come...