$33 an ounce

          mark 7:20. "and jesus said, that which comes out of a man,                     that defiles the man."

integrity. it means to be unmixed. whole. without compromise. an integer is a whole number that cannot be divided. someone with integrity is the same as an integer. they cannot be pulled apart. they are what they say they are. no fake. no gimmick. no mimic. the real thing. 

awhile ago i saw this video and had to share it today with the challenge to greater integrity. compare these high priced items with some of the counterfeits so closely related to them. you almost cannot tell the difference. some people will pay anything for a product that is relatively similar to a less expensive product. it is true that the original and purest form of anything may be in the eye of the beholder. is it the cost of something that determines it's worth? is worth determined by a poll? is worth the result of popularity or prevalence? what are you willing to pay for integrity? for the real thing?

watch this and comment.