When God Steps In...

I dare you to read Isaiah 59. It records one of the only times in human history that God decided to bypass human effort and do something about a cause for Himself. If He is so moved, dare we not do something ourselves. Now. Visit Project Rescue and Rescue Arts now.


Rescue Arts began in India in 2006, when Rebecca Grant began using the creative arts for healing with survivors of sexual exploitation and abuse.  Under Project Rescue (www.projectrescue.com) Rebecca works to bring restoration to those from broken backgrounds through creation, ensemble work, and God.

After hearing this family minister for over three decades, I am still moved to righteous anger at the situation we find ourselves in globally. I'm not sure there is a greater cause than fighting for the children of the world. Especially when they are the children of the earth who are being preyed upon by adults. The Grant's have chosen to bring this fight to light and not allow it to be kept in the dark. Through much travel, sleepless nights, and harm of livelihood, they have rescued children and young adults from fear and death.

Please check out this website. Read their materials. Sign up to be a rescue artist yourself. Pray for them. Give to their ministry. Do something about the kind of things God steps in for. Those are the causes worth investing in.