The Teen Years Are Coming...

Back in January I posted the uniqueness of this coming decade we are in. From 2013 until 2019 we are going to be living in the teen years. It happens every century. As we enter 'The Teen Decade', we are all going to spend about 7 years counting down the teens. It probably is something that none of us will ever experience again.

In my blog of January, I gave 4 traits of youth leaders who are going to shape this culture during these years. Here is a quick review of those traits:

Great youth leaders will develop a personal lifestyle of worship and see those around them transformed by the presence of God

Great youth leaders find someone they are afraid of who will help keep them accountable in their life 

Great youth leaders do not have to be perfect


Great youth leaders do not underestimate the significance of Natural and Spiritual leadership

I am believing for the greatest youth movement in America that the church has seen. If you are in ministry to the youth of America, work these characteristic traits into your life. Check out these traits in my January blogs for more details. These emphases will not disappoint. In the coming years we will visit this theme periodically. My guess is that a book is coming out of it. Just not sure who is going to write it.