Living a life of necessity...

“If you want the necessary to stand out, you have to get rid of the un-necessary”                                                            -Hans Hoffman, turn of the century Bavarian Artist

"Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you."
-Matthew, 6:33

This is one of my favorite concepts. Simplicity. Here's how I see it. God has created each of us for a purpose. Something unique. It is when we find that purpose and when we yield to it that we find fulfillment in life. Unless we walk true to the design that God has for us, there are several things that can happen in our life:

First, it becomes easy to live your life by what everyone else wants you to do 
Second, when we do that it becomes simple to walk away from who we really are
Third, by walking away from who we were created to be, we settle for less than God's best
Fourth, there is a missing piece of the puzzle in the kingdom and God's plan is disrupted
Fifth, and ultimately, we lose joy and purpose

So many students come into my office and are trying to find out what they are going to do with their life. One of the first questions I ask is, "If you could do anything, and no one would tell you that you can't, and money wasn't the issue, what would you do?" I love to hear the responses. It usually comes out in the form of a childhood dream or vision that God gave them when they were younger. But, what happens along the way of life is that the dream or vision gets clouded by the fear of man or even doubting ourselves. 

That is when we must get back to living the necessity. The default. No extras or attachments. Simply accepting who God has intended us to be. Hitting the default button can unload everything that gets into our life that shrouds our real calling. As the quote at the front of this article reminds us, we must get rid of the "un-necessary" so that the "necessary" can stand out. Seek to do exactly what God has called you to do and you will be living a life of necessity.