Is there a 'Play Deprivation' in our culture?

This may be the most popular post I have made. Years ago I read an article that challenged me to discipline my life in the areas of recreation and wellness.  Out of that reading came commitments to nutrition, sleep, and exercise that changed my life.  

Read this post today and be encouraged.  You are being asked to eat more, sleep more, and play more.  Well, not really, but, essentially.  Let me deal with just one of these today.  We have seen a lack of play growing in our culture here in the west.  A play deprivation can be the cause of many things.  It could be that we are too busy or that we are too lazy.  And there are serious signs to a lack of play (anger, loss of creativity, loss of confidence and exploration, and social awkwardness).  Thinking about these questions should stir your interest in play activities and result in greater mental and physical health.

Discuss these “Play History” questions:

When is the last time you played with an object? (ball, squeeze toy, or object) 

How do you relieve tension or stress from your life?

What is the last memory, conversation, event, or circumstance that caused you to laugh out of control?   

Give an answer to the following questions by stating ‘DAILY’, ‘WEEKLY’, or ‘MONTHLY’:

How often do you run?
How often do you jump?
How often do you laugh?
How often do you make up a game?

If you have had a 'Play Deprivation' over the past year, you may have experienced some of these side-effects:


Assignment for today.  Play.  Grab a toy.  And see if some of the tension in life sub-sides. 

"But to what shall I liken this generation? It is like children sitting in the marketplaces and calling out to their friends; 'we played the flute for you and you did not dance...'"
Jesus, Matthew 11