Room 7012...

Over the past few days we have watched God answer our prayers in room 7012.

So, my son was to have a 3 hour surgery to repair his back.  This is the second surgery within a year.  Jane and I left him at 11:30 am Wednesday as they wheeled him to the OR.  And 55 minutes later the Dr. walks into the waiting room and says, "A lot of healing has taken place since I saw him last (2 weeks earlier).  This was easier than expected."  We were relieved of course. 

Also, there has been a keen sense of God's strength upon us through the last week.  More than usual.  And here are a couple of other things that we have noticed through this:

-Justen received the confirmation to his call to ministry as we prayed Sunday in church with our pastor and prayer team.  Just a week ago Justen said to me, "I want to know my calling."  I told him that God would speak to him during this time he was going to have off school and the weeks of rest on his back.  This confirmation has followed several words that have been spoken over him throughout his life.  Makes it worth this trial.

-The day after surgery, Justen takes off walking through the hallways of the hospital several times.  This is something he couldn't do for several days last time.  We can see a new strength and presence upon him that wasn't noticeable before.

We have seen the presence of God in all of this.  We will leave room 7012 better than when we came in.  

Romans 5:3-4,
"...and rejoice in hope of the glory of God.  And we glory in tribulations because they work patience.  For when we were without strength, in due time Christ died for us."