The Prisoner in the Third Cell

This is an adaptation from the book by Gene Edwards:

I want you to take a look at a cold dark jail and three cells. 
And there is a story in each cell.

What must the prisoner in the first cell be thinking? The 
singing in the cold, dark cell just two doors down is ringing 
in his ears. He drowns it out with cursing.

Prison life is hard. There are many excuses muttered inside 
the walls. There is a lot of blame-shifting.

Can you hear him..."This wasn’t my fault. They got the wrong 
guy. I shouldn’t be here, I don’t deserve this. If I ever get out 
of here that judge is going to pay.”

His name? INNOCENT

What about the guy in the second cell? Sitting in the middle 
cell, he could hear each of our prisoners. One of them is singing 
with joy. And the other is cursing.

What is his response to his situation? Locked in between two 
extremes what will be heard coming from within the walls of 
his cell?

Can you hear him...“This is all my fault. My life is ruined. What 

will I ever do if I get out of this place? It’s no use…there is no 
hope for me, I think I’ll just give up.”

His name? GUILTY

And now, the prisoner in the third cell…Each of these prisoners 

could hear the noise in the third cell. Because it was so 
different from what was coming from their own cells.

It was a completely different response to life than what
the others chose. After all, we have a choice on how we
are going to respond to pain, suffering, injustice, and sin.

Can you hear him...“Then sings my soul, my savior God 

to thee. How great thou art, how great thou art. Whatever 
my lot thou hast taught me to say, even so it is well 
with my soul.”

His name? FORGIVEN

Which prisoner will you be? The choice is yours.