my floor is your ceiling

"the reason i have been able to see as far as i have been able to see in my life is because i am standing on the shoulders of great men before me".  this is one of my favorite quotes and has been used by many people in leadership.  years ago i remember god speaking to me a simple truth.  i was about 10 years into my ministry and wondering how i was going to reach the world.  god gave me a plan.  he said to me, 

"jeff, you will never be great, but the people around you will be."

to be honest, i wasn't really excited about that.  but, as i began to understand what god was saying to me i realized that i could reach the world by investing in others.  and so jane and i have made that our dna.  here are some of the principles i have used to turn my ceiling into the floor that others could build upon.

here are some key elements for developing potential leaders around you:

EDUCATION – my personal reading, attendance to seminars, and seeking personal coaching places me in the right condition to lead others
INSPIRATION – inspiring others with relationship, rewards, and giving them encouragement to dream and wander into places they want to run
MODELING – it is important to example what you want to see in the life of your followers (relational attitudes, personal standards, work ethic, etc.)
APPRENTICESHIPS – by taking time to disciple, mentor, and coach people in an intimate setting, you can duplicate yourself by selecting key people who will stand on your shoulders
CREATIVITY – do not take for granted the special moments or settings that can become "suddenlies" in the life of others (historic cultural moments, trajedy or crisis, and high points in a persons life can become teaching points) 

what is the application?  not sure what it will be for you.  but, for me, in order to reach this world i must deposit every week in someone that i see can take my contribution further than i can take it on my own.