MENtoring Men

Mentoring Young Men takes action                                                                     (This is an article I wrote that was adapted from an article by Tom Chapin,

Here's the good news. Young guys are dying to be mentored by older men.  Older men have the misconception that younger men do not want to hear from them.  You and I come from a generation that taught us to be morally biblical and conservative.  Younger men come from a generation that celebrates all things as truth.  We were after success and they are after an experience.  The simple question is, “Will you invest in them?” 
Awaken the men of your church
You've got the largest sleeping giant in the history of the church sitting in your pews – young men.  Here is a short list of beginning to awaken the young men of your church before the world gets them.  These steps will help you build an effective, purpose - driven men's ministry in your church.
1. Make an introduction and make yourself available.  I find that lunch is a great time to connect since we all need to eat.  Spend one lunch a week investing in a young man's life.

2. Ask significant spiritual questions and master the art of listening.  Bob Biehl said, "Ask shallow questions, get shallow answers; ask profound questions, get profound answers; ask no questions, get no answers."  Go after the deep stuff.  (Devotions, Doubt, Sexual purity, Future, etc.)

3. Take an interest in their culture.  Their music, clothes, and conversations might seem weird to you, but it's not to them.  Your interest will teach you a thing or two and connect you with them.

4. Make it a point to know their likes and dislikes.  This is just good advice in any friendship or relationship.  It will help you deal with the good and the bad.

5. Compliment their strengths.  God has given them unique gifts, talents, and strengths, just like you.  Celebrate uniqueness.  As you encourage and compliment what you see, you will achieve far more in their lives than you'll ever accomplish with cynicism or trying to conform them.  Your words will give them the confidence to take life's journey head on.

Take action by identifying a young man in your church and do something.  This is how discipleship and church growth takes place.  It is vital to the building of the church.  An opportunity is like a train pulling away from the station. If you fail to get on, you missed the opportunity to reach its destination. And nobody wins.