in the big inning...

when a football team is running down hill, when a basketball team is on a scoring run, or a baseball team is having a big inning, it is assumed they have the momentum and the contest is in their favor.

i think that one of the more exciting characteristics of god is creativity.  now, you might be thinking grace, sovereignty, or omni-potence are the key traits of god.  agreed.  but this is my blog and i have just 5 minutes to make you think.  so, consider this.

there was nothing happening.  no noise, relationships, or color.  and in the beginning the spirit of god was hovering over it all.  and out of this oversight comes a creative explosion of sound, humanity, and glorious colors.  and it is in this start that we see how god created a world for him to enjoy.  that's right, god created the world and everything in it so he could be in relationship with it.

and the simple application today is that god created you and i to be in relationship with him.  the focus of the creativity of god is not merely for him to begin a world that he could sit back and watch.  but, he started this up in order to breathe life into us so that we can exist in union with him.  humanity and divinity running down hill, on a scoring run, and in a big inning together.