For all the young preachers

A crash course in Homiletics.  Not construction, but, preparation.  Use these to help you become a better preacher.

Paul taught that elders who worked hard at preaching and teaching were worthy of double honor (1 Tim. 5:17). Far too many preachers enter the pulpit without adequate preparation to rightly divide the Word. They have good reason to be ashamed.

Here are five ways to improve study and ultimately our preaching…

1.    You must have a few key tools…Two Commentary sets, an Expository Dictionary of New Testament words, Manners and Customs of the Bible, Hebrew and Greek Lexicon, Abingdon’s Exhaustive Concordance, and internet capability for research.

2.    Set one day a week aside that is strictly for reading, researching, and thinking (bible, books, magazines, newspapers, internet).  And, use a separate day for the writing or typing of your sermon from the information gathered on your study day

3.    Trust your prayer and Preparation time and do not be afraid to deal with issues that are divisive.  Somebody has to speak to our culture about the evident issues of our day from an authoritative and biblical position.

4.    Keep a life journal that you can review for preaching ideas, personal illustrations, and spiritual growth

5.    Create an atmosphere for study…Use music if you enjoy it, no appointments on study days, a comfortable setting with space, snacks, and no distractions like visitors, outdoor noise, or phones